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Understanding the Insurance Claims Process can be extremely tedious, time-consuming and downright frustrating. Most policyholders become overwhelmed immediately. Regardless of what catastrophe strikes, whether fire, water damage, roof leak, windstorm, lightning, mold, emergency services, etc., East Coast Adjusters handles every step of the damage claim process and ensure that you receive the largest settlement possible. An unfortunate reality is that insurance companies have historically underpaid the policyholder when they didn't seek professional help. When you hire East Coast Adjusters, we work tirelessly to get you the money you deserve, all backed with more than 60+ years of building construction industry experience.

The "Burden of Proof" is on... the Homeowner!


Giving an improper description to the Insurance Company Claims Processer can get your claim underpaid or even denied. We will professionally and properly communicate with the Claims Processer so they will be fully aware of the extent and scope of the Property Owner's damage.

The Public Adjuster is bound to act in the Property Owner's best interest.

Insurance Company - FAIR?

Then there is the issue and question of "settlement fairness". You, the homeowner, believe since you are the client of the Insurance Company AND you've been faithfully paying your required insurance premiums, the Insurance Company will take care of you, right? WRONG! How do we know the insurance company is treating us fairly? Most people don't know if a settlement is fair and probably more times than not, they did not receive enough funds to make needed repairs. After all, how many people know how to estimate damage, know what it takes to remediate water issues, know how to complete a "proof of loss", and ultimately negotiate a final settlement? Well don't feel bad... most people can't.

What do you do when you cannot handle your damage claim and have many questions? It's very simple – hire a Public Adjuster! Why? Public Adjusters are trained to evaluate and understand your insurance policies and coverages. They can estimate damages. In fact, they use the same software program that the insurance companies use to estimate a loss. They can put together a proof of loss, something you are required to do to get reimbursed for your damages. They are trained and skilled in negotiating a settlement on your behalf. Additionally, the Public Adjuster can often find additional damaged items overlooked by the Insurance Company Adjuster who was in a hurry to get to his next appointment.

Would You Represent Yourself?

Ask yourself these questions: Would you represent yourself in court over a criminal complaint? Would you go to an IRS audit without your accountant? Would you treat yourself for a serious illness without consulting your doctor? If you answered no to these questions, then why would you represent yourself when you have a serious property damage claim, such as a fire, windstorm damage, roof damage, water overflow, flooded basement, etc? Yet many people do!

No one is saying that the insurance companies are evil or are intentionally out to get you, but let's be honest. When the field adjuster is loaded with so many claims, it is very possible (probable) that they will miss items that should be covered. Adjusters are eager to finish your claim, close the file and get to the next one. It is often a numbers game to them, but one that could leave you with a big loss.

Bottom Line - Profit?

In the end, the insurance company is just like any other business – they are out to make a profit. One of the most basic premises of any business is to keep revenues high and costs down. Your claim represents a cost to the company. Every dollar saved on a claim represents added income. Don't become the victim of the profit and loss game. Hire a Public Adjuster! Your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Make sure they abide by this contract. You have done your part and paid your premiums, yes?

The Public Adjuster Will Make Sure the Insurance Company Does Their Part and Pays You For 100% of All Legitimate Damages on Your Claim.
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